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Explore and conquer Worldwide Webb, an MMO set in a dystopian blockchain world. Join for free today and experience limitless adventure.

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What is the Worldwide Webb?

Enter Worldwide Webb's virtual world, explore its vast ecosystem, conquer boss raids, work with players to unlock challenges, and trade resources to dominate in high-stakes battles. Experience a truly open virtual economy. Join for free and unlock your potential in this brave new world.


Discover a new world

Explore Chain City's starting adventure and uncover the fate of a it's inhabitants in a world controlled by AI.


Team up with fellow players to brave Worldwide Webb's toughest challengers. Discover your purpose and rise to the top.


Master the game, unlock hidden secrets, and defeat raid bosses for ultimate control in the Worldwide Webb.

Which path will you take?

Will you be a resourceful trader, hoarding valuable items to sell? A fierce challenger, fighting for top rewards in the arena? Or a daring raider, forming parties to take on the hidden foes of Worldwide Webb? The choice is yours - but first, you must join.

Become a trader

Play the virtual economy at WebbMart. Craft, buy and sell your way to the top as a trader on the streets of Chain City.


Risk your rewards and team up with other players from across the globe to take on the hardest challenges the Webb has to offer.

Forging Unbreakable Bonds

As you explore Worldwide Webb, you'll encounter fellow players who call it home. Join forces with new friends to form lasting bonds and tackle challenges together. Whether you fight alongside trusted allies or engage in rivalries, the spirit of the game unites people from all walks of life. It's more than just a game - it's a lifestyle.

Your journey awaits

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