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PvP Beta Update 3.0.7b

(The PvP Beta is currently only available to private testing participants, look out for the public release soon!)

We’ve listened to all your thoughts and suggestions for the game and are tweaking accordingly. We want to give a special thank you to all you giving us your continued support in improving our game.

Below you’ll find all changes made in the latest PvP build:

  • You will spawn in the PvP waiting area now rather than having to trek through Chain City.
  • There is a new horizontal map that has a smaller footprint than the previous one.
  • Updated visuals
    — Base map
    — Capture points
    — Bases
    — Base attack
  • Ability changes:
    — Abilities now spawn at capture points as well as in the middle of the map
    — Abilities can be neutral or team assigned, team assigned abilities can only be picked up by that team
    — Team assigned abilities are created at capture points if that point is owned by a team when the ability spawns
    — Abilities despawn if not picked up after a while
    — Abilities are automatically picked by being in close proximity to them
  • The end screen fires now correctly show if you won, lost, or drew.
  • Game length has been reduced to 6 minutes while we test the current endgame slowdown. Base health has been reduced to reflect the shorter game time
  • Improved movement, you should get stuck on corners less
  • Grass has been added! Currently it’s just green squares – it will look nicer soon. Moving through grass will slow you down. (And there may be other mechanics coming along soon for grassy areas…)

Known issues new in this build (No need to report these):

  • Attacks can skip through the corners of the bases, so aim for the middle!
  • Abilities don’t always visually despawn correctly, occasionally leaving a ‘ghost’ ability
  • Your local player may be invisible after respawning (it only looks like that to you, you’re not a ninja to anyone else)



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