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PvP Beta Update 3.0.14b

Changes in this update:


  • Momentum! Capture and hold more capture points than your enemy to cause tick damage to their base

  • Spawn areas! The uncapturable reload stations are gone, and in their place, the entire spawn area provides increased ammo and health regen.

  • Action Feed V2! This should look a bit cooler now.

  • Ability Supply Drops! As your base health drops, you'll receive ability supply drops in your base.

  • Stat tracking! Stat tracking has been enabled, you'll see some of it on the end screen (This is a VERY work in progress screen)

  • Auto start! The game will auto start once enough players have joined.


  • Flame Tongue no longer treats everyone the same. It now removes ammo from enemies, and removes slows/healing blocks from teammates

  • Auto pick-up will only work if you don't have an ability equipped. If you have one, you'll need to use it first.


  • Map updates. Check out the spectators all around, and what happened to the ground… looks like a warzone.

  • Visual fixes and optimisations. These are in progress, we're bringing the UI and HUD more inline with the new art style/map

Known Issues

  • The capture points on the HUD don't match the ingame points (there is one missing)

  • Abilities are instantly disappearing, rather than doing their fade animations

  • We've replaced the square placeholder grass tiles with a placeholder grass texture. It looks quite flat, but don't worry, it'll grow soon. Not really an issue, but just pointing it out, it'll change soon.

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