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Patch 3.4.18

Game Changes

  • support: We now support full-wallet delegation. A delegate wallet can be used to log into the game and play using all the NFTs of the vault wallet. You cannot log in using the vault wallet if you set up a delegate. We don’t currently provide a management interface, but you can manage your wallet delegation at

  • Players are removed from party when logging out

  • News popup moved to after logging in

  • We now attempt to detect hardware acceleration settings, and show a popup to inform the user when not turned on

PvP Change


Health has been reworked. You now have one big health pool (of 100 health) instead of two segments. Damage numbers have been scaled to get the gameplay close to how the previous system played. Health regeneration has also changed because of this. You now regen continuously (once any healing blocks have expired), rather than in large chunks. This new system lets us do more interesting things, like damage over time etc.


  • Flame: applies a burn to enemies. Enemies hit will burn for 10 seconds (taking small tick damage every 2 seconds). Burn status can be cleared by shield activation. Current burn visual is the same as the slow but is being replaced.

  • Nova: effect radius increased (+ ~30%)

  • Blast: can now hit players multiple times (max of 3 hits on a single player). Each hit does less damage than before, but if you hit all three of them, you’ll do more damage than before!

Other Changes and Fixes

  • New aiming reticles for base attack and abilities.

  • Bases regen is disabled for a short time after taking damage

  • Added a menu for leaving PvP (hit ESC to leave PvP)

  • Added a menu for re-entering an ongoing game if you lose connection or refresh

  • Added a player count to matchmaking

  • Matchmaking is fixed (it’s faster, and doesn’t lose players randomly)

  • Invisible avatar bug fixed

  • Fixed broken stat tracking (travel distance and longest shot)




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