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Patch 3.2.7

New Features

  • News now pops up on home page when there is a new entry! (If you’re seeing this on the game homepage, then it worked)
  • Valentines day furniture item now available in room editor
  • It is now possible to share an apartment link that will warp players directly to an apartment. the format for the URL is (for the example of Apartment #1155)
  • A few more NPCs that are part of the tutorial quest



Worldwide Webb Roadmap

Worldwide Webb 2023 Roadmap Released

We’re excited to share with you our 2023 roadmap. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we want to ensure we’re creating an experience


Taewon Yun Joins as Strategic Advisor

In 1993, Taewon started his career in gaming by dropping out of his Ph.D course in Engineering from the most prestigious university in Korea and then becoming

Patch Notes

Patch 3.7.0 – 2v2 Map + Emotes

Dive into Patch 3.7.0: New Features, Performance Improvements, and Easter Fun! We are excited to announce that today, April 6, 2023, we’ve launched Patch 3.7.0