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Introducing Blockbusterz Season 0

A New Era of Browser-Based MOBA Gaming

Compete to earn, collaborate, and thrive in the virtual world of Blockbusterz.

The world of gaming is evolving, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformation. Today, we are thrilled to announce the soft launch of Blockbusterz, a revolutionary browser-based MOBA designed for web3. With a cutting-edge game engine, Blockbusterz aims to deliver a seamless and competitive gaming experience for players around the globe.

At the core of our vision is a new era of gaming that fuses esports, web2 gaming space, and community-driven experiences. We believe in a future where creators and their communities can come together, collaborate, and thrive in virtual worlds.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce Season 0 of Blockbusterz, featuring the groundbreaking “Compete to Earn” concept. In Season 0, players will be rewarded for their time, skills, and even purchases made from other players, exploring new ways of valuing time, skill, and currency with the community at the center of it all.

Blockbusterz game design

How to Play Blockbusterz: A Simple Guide

  1. Log into the game.
  2. Locate Clench, the yellow bunny.
  3. Approach Clench and queue up for Ranked Play.
Events window shown in-game.


Please note that during the launch event, Ranked Play will be open three times a day at the following times (EST):

  • 1-3 AM
  • 9-11 AM
  • 5-7 PM

This schedule allows us to closely monitor server performance and match quality while ensuring the best possible gaming experience for our players.

The challenges window

Challenges and Rewards

Season 0 will introduce the Challenges window, showcasing various PvP challenges and ELO goals that players must reach to earn Diamond Fragments. These non-tradeable Diamond Fragments can be used to redeem NFT items within WebbMart, our in-game store.

WebbMart is now open for business, allowing players to redeem NFT items and mint them directly onto Ethereum as optimized ERC1155s. This innovative feature encourages players to earn rewards and build their in-game assets.

Stay Updated

Players can stay up-to-date on rankings, recent matches, and achievements with real-time data and statistics available at our dedicated webpage:

Season 0’s end date is tentatively set but may be subject to change as we evaluate the event and gather valuable feedback from our player community.

Join the “Compete to Own” Revolution

As we embark on this exciting new chapter in gaming, we invite you to join us in the world of Blockbusterz. Experience the thrill of browser-based MOBA gaming, collaborate with fellow players, and be part of a virtual world where everyone has the opportunity to compete, earn, and succeed.

The era of “Compete to Own” has arrived. Are you ready to make your mark in the world of Blockbusterz?




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